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Standard Mastering

from £17 per track

1-4 Tracks:


5+ Tracks:

(12% discount)

10+ tracks:

(20% discount)

What happens next?

 Once we receive your tracks we'll start work on them and return high quality audition files for your approval, if any revisions are required further audition files will be sent. Once your final masters are ready we will send a link for you to download them. Alternatively you may have your final masters returned on disc. Please note, all masters will be returned as 16-bit 44.1kHz files unless otherwise requested.

For a combination of services use the following form, or alternatively email the details of your order to:

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Standard   Stem Mastering

Audio CD Master (£10) Project Archive Disc (£5)
Mp3 Masters (£2 each) Duplicates Copies (£1 each)

No. of Alternate Versions (£1 each):

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