Dark Creation Mastering

File Upload

Please use the following link to send us your files:

Free to send up to 2Gb per transfer, no registration needed.
Files available for 7 days.

If you prefer to use a different service or upload your tracks to your own server then please forward all links to: mastering@darkcreation.co.uk

Please contact us if you would prefer to send your tracks by post.

How to Prepare Your Files

Only send uncompressed or lossless files ( wav, aiff, flac, etc. )

 Lossy file formats such as MP3 should never be used when submitting audio for mastering. Do not attempt to convert lossy files to higher quality formats, you will not achieve any increase in quality.

Remove all mastering plugins from your master buss

 This includes any limiter, maximizer, inflator or stereo processor. Your mix will not benefit from using these types of plugin before mastering and will only make the engineer's job harder.

Leave plenty of headroom

 Avoid running your signal too hot, aim for having your meters peak at between -3 and -6 dBFS.

Do not convert your files

 We just need your mixdowns as they are, there is absolutely no gain in up-scaling your files to higher bit-depth or sample-rate. If you're exporting your mixdowns yourself just stick with the resolution your project was recorded in.

Leave silence either side of your tracks

 Don't trim too closely, a gap of up to half a second is adequate. Avoid cutting the sound at the end of your tracks prematurely.

If possible leave all fade outs for mastering

 This will ensure consistent sound right up to the very end of your tracks. Just include details of each fade with your order.

Ensure you label your files adequately

 It is essential we can tell which files belong to you after uploading. If possible place all your tracks together in zip files.

Additional notes for when sending discs by post

 If choosing to send your tracks by post then please burn your audio files to data disc rather than creating an audio cd, especially if your source files are of a higher bit-depth or sample-rate. Also be aware of copying any CDs using Windows Media Player, iTunes or similar software as these applications are sometimes set up to write to mp3 files temporarily before copying the audio back to CD.

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